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After years of research and experimentation in the medical field, we have formulated and created a new therapeutic strategy, using technological tools and putting them at the service of medicine.

We have been treating stuttering since 2000 and have already treated thousands of people.

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Guys have fun after trying Balbus to solve stuttering
Girl discovers the simple operation of Balbus

How it works

Each learning of a new skill requires systematic, continuous and immediate feedback, aimed at orienting and guiding the action correctly. Following these convictions, the Istituto Santa Chiara had already thought of Balbus in 2000.

Balbus provides real-time feedback and checks on the performance of the exercises to allow for immediate correction. The promise is attractive and truthful: two sessions a day of 30/45 minutes of exercise with Balbus instruments, will allow the stuttering subject to cure the disfluency.

Girl discovers the simple operation of Balbus

Why choose Balbus

Speech Recognition of Balbus

Voice recognition

Balbus includes a voice recognition engine that allows you to check the correct pronunciation when reading passages, or that will perform a transcription of the speech in the case of free conversation.

Balbus summary and statistics

Summary statistics

At the end of each exercise, it will be possible to view and print a complete report containing all the information collected during the course of the exercise, to monitor improvements over time.

Recording of statistics in Balbus

Recording exercise

All tutorials are recorded to allow the session to be played back; you can also download the audio track to your computer.

Reading a song in conversation in Balbus

Song reading or free conversation

Balbus contains tracks for reading that are continuously updated. The exercises in free conversation let you practise by reading an article from the Internet, a newspaper or your favourite book.

How much does Balbus cost?

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